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Lubrication Quiz

2018-10-26 17:54:30

Thrust spherical roller bearing

Q1: What is the reason for the high temperature in the use of gear oil?

A1: For the case of closed gearbox gear lubrication, if the mechanical factors are not taken into account, the reason for the high temperature may be:

1, the new gear mechanism is not in good running. Abrasive wear ^ causes increased tooth surface temperature. At this time should strengthen the filter, after running after the oil change.

2, heavy load, oil film rupture, wear and other failure tendencies, causing the tooth surface temperature rise, at this time should be based on the load condition of the correct oil selection, improve the viscosity grade or select extreme pressure gear oil.

3, the oil level is too high or sticky through the large, increased range mixing heat, heat dissipation is difficult.

4, oil temperature and tooth surface temperature synchronous rise. At this time, the oil level should be lowered, select the applicable low grade oil.

Q2: What are the hazards of high temperature to compressor motors and lubricants?

A2: The heat of the compressor during normal operation should not cause overheating. Normal motor heating, compression heat and friction heat in the design of the compressor have been carefully considered, and the corresponding cooling measures. However, in practical use, due to the use of ultra-range, power supply is not normal, motor overload, refrigerant leakage, too high condensation pressure problems caused by high temperature motor, exhaust temperature is too high, lubricant coke paste and other overheating phenomenon is more common.

1, long time overheating. Not only will reduce the electrical insulation performance and reliability, shorten the motor life, but also reduce the lubricating ability of lubricating oil, even cause oil carbonization and acid solution.

2, lubricating oil after carbonization will be greatly reduced, will cause crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, piston ring and other serious wear. There will even be a holding shaft, card cylinder and other plugging phenomenon, and from plugging to bow I from the rod break accident.

3, carbide oil will also be in the valve plate and the valve board carbon, causing valve plate leakage and valve plate breakage.

4, the acidic substances in lubricating oil will rot the candle winding enameled wire, reduce the insulation performance of the windings.

5, acidic lubricants will also cause copper plating phenomenon.

Q3: "The viscosity of the high is not low" view whether the choice is correct?

A3: This view is not comprehensive. Choose the viscosity of high not low, in favor of the fluid lubrication state to improve the strength of the oil film, play a supporting load and damping and sealing role, but because of the large viscosity produced greater friction resistance, consumes more power energy.

Modern industrial gear oil contains high-efficiency additives, in the gear often in the warm lubrication and the lubrication of the lubrication of the state can form a lubricating film, so in the case of oil film lubrication, as far as possible to use low viscosity lubricants more conducive to energy saving. Low viscosity of lubricating oil is an important trend of lubricant development in the world at present, but it should be tested and practiced to what extent it is reasonable.

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